Our story begins eighteen years ago – in 1996, to be precise – when two great friends, Amir and Mirso, came up with an idea to open a coffee roasting company.

Given the fact that during that time our country couldn't brag about having high quality coffee and that people had the need for coffee, the idea itself seemed doable. Carried by their passion, they gave this idea a shot.

They established a coffee roasting company named „AM Prima Company“, with simple goals – to directly import raw coffee for the purpose of coffee production, as well as establishing partnerships with renowned names in the world of coffee.

When asked about the beginnings, both of them say it wasn't a piece of cake. Still, they were persistent and their initial belief that people deserve a cup of coffee to enjoy in kept them going.

As a result – when they see a great number of loyal consumers eighteen years after, they both answer the same – everything was worth it. And today, the goals are same. But today, there's a team to keep these ideas alive. Simple and clear – Never give up. Always try harder. Maintain quality no matter what. And keep you, our loyal customers, happy and highly satisfied with our coffee.